The Students Union election for another academic session is getting closer as every one is getting ready for the official commencement.

Every election comes with different saga, but it was surprising having this year saga kick off this early. The saga show face when a WhatsApp group title Office of Senator Ifedayo start buzzing fast after Senator Clinton Ateyero expressed his displeasure on the way hiss banner and stickers were destroyed at ososa campus in a Write-up

group chat turned donation ground after a WhatsApp user “Stalion Furniture” had replied the Chairman of Academic Committee, Senator Ateyero Clinton’s write-up where he expressed his displeasure on the way his banner and stickers were destroyed at ososa campus in a write-up.

Stalion Furniture, a User in the group had replied “Tell him to place his banner on a wood and not University walls. If not, i will remove it again!!! “

This reply was a matchstick that set the group chat on fire as some political leaders set to replace the destroyed banner and stickers.

“We are replacing the 1 they destroyed with 4″ the Senate President said as he promised to be at Ososa himself.”

“COSIT will support the Academic chairman with 100 stickers also” the COSITSA president added.”

‘”Cosit welfare director will support with 20 stickers” another ended.

One would have thought the fire would soon be put out but it was like more fuel being added when someone posted a screenshot that read “If una like make una post write up reach PUNCH newspaper, if you refuse to do the right thing, I won’t allow you deface my COLLEGE buildings.”

“E kuku declare ara yin as another university”
“Dey wan get Covtedsu” and various other reactions was given birth to as a result of the screenshot.

We all know the union election is fast approaching.
Is the moving of COVTED students to OSOSA campus going to cause a segregation in TASUEDSU?
Would another TASUEDSU spring forth?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we see where this leads to.

By: Omoloye Miracle

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