Today is Tai Solarin University of Education matriculation ceremony for the new intake (100L & Direct Entry) for 2018/2019 session.

During my experience in last year matriculation, which means am in 300Level because I came in as a D. E student which I made several hilarious observations on the types of people you will likely meet during the ceremony.

The over made-up ladies

You can’t actually exempt these set of people from this kind of list, there’s actually nothing much to say on these set of people, why the hell will a girl pancake her pretty face until it gets ugly and repulsive and unfortunately for some of the girls they sat where there was no fan SWKMD cheesy (sweat won kill dem die).

The extroverted clowns

Lolx,these guys annoy me the most, why can’t extroverts be quiet for once, they talk incessantly and they make funny outspoken noises like ‘3 gbosa’s for our college’ ‘hip hip hip hurray’, Abeg extroverts make ona try hia, we all went for the matriculation and not just you undecided.

The cool, calm or shy guys

I fall into this category, we sit down through out the matriculation cool and calm, not making unnecessary noise and we talk only when very pertinent, These are the kind of guys that are not carried away by the Matriculation, immediately the ceremony is over after taking a few pics, we go to our hostels.

The picture takers

These set of people will start taking pictures from the time they leave home for the ceremony to the time they sleep, as they are walking they are taking selfies, as they sit they take selfies, make i no talk too much, if you don do matric you go understand, I taya for these guys sha sad.

The ‘ where are you ‘ chaps

Lolzz, these one includes every body but our parents suffer it the most and it happens after the matriculation.
here’s how mine went;

Mum : Kunle where are you ?

Kunle : I’m outside the hall, where are you?

Mum : *cuts call*

Kunle : *calls back after 10secs*

Mum : *picks call* kunle where are you nau,

Kunle : I’m outside the hall just beside the gate

Mum : Kunle I’m not seeing you o

Kunle : ah ah just walk outside the gate small na you will see me

then she got pissed off and said

-Kunle its like I would slap you o (Lolz, through the phone cheesy)

and that’s how we continued until I finally spotted her then her anger melted like a candle, then we took some pics and she finally left for home

feel free to add yours from your experience

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