Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental human right in this country, Tasuedite has written an open letter to the TASUEDSU most especially the office of the social director.

He said that “it is good to know that students are being awarded for their deeds and accomplishments but it is sardonic and pathetic to hear that the awards some of our outstanding students deserve are given out to those who have offered to pay for such. It is crystal clear to the blind and audibly loud to the deaf that in saner institutions, awards are predominantly given on merit.

But why is our case in TASUED different? Why should awards be exchanged for money? Or is it that we are still in the era of trade by barter? Selling out awards does nothing but degrades the value, originality and authenticity of the awards and the organizers themselves. In addition, awards such as ‘Cashout of the Year’, ‘Cashout King’,etc which are being included on the award list clearly shows one thing: LOSS OF IDENTITY! And that the future of the nation is indeed at stake seeing that immoral acts and attitudes now has primacy over diligence and honesty. Indeed, we are ‘Not Too Young to Scam’. Oh sorry, we are ‘Not Too Young to Rule’

He said in conclusion that, “TASUEDSU Director of Social, Com. Oyewole Ibrahim should do a revamp on his social activities and lead by example because it is said, “those who live in glass house don’t throw stones”. Until he sets the pace then only can others follow suit.

TASUEDSU social director should issue out a clampdown on the activities of colleges and departmental directors of social regarding the selling of awards. If truly they are on the verge of service to humanity as they widely proclaim. “I believe it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to make.”

Also our Students’ House of Senate should constantly monitor the activities of the executive, after all, they are there to prevent the excesses of the executives.

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