WHEN you think hairdressing, you naturally think women and nothing more. But that isn’t the case of AZ Beauty Touch as they continue to give other beauty salon in Tai Solarin University of Education Community a real run for their money.

A visit by The OWL Campus Media to their beauty hubs in front of the University gate proved this.

Interestingly, they do not really have luxurious shops to steal the hearts of customers, but their creativity and eyes for details other hairstylist who has got a shop near them could folds up in no time or branches into other trades to stay relevant and earn a living.

Attention to detail: “I think they pay more attention to detail.

After spending enough time in the hub and engaging with the Creative Director himself, Anjorin Azeez Temilade, a final year student of Tasued from the department of biological Science, College of Science and information Technology, we believe that their ability to listen to customers and give them what they want is what makes him special.

He said “We always follow trends to know exactly what is reigning and how to perfectly make them. Most students come with styles they found on Instagram and Google, and they are always in search of a stylist who can give them exactly the same styles. I always try to do my best by making sure I follow trends as well.

“Because I am a guy, I like good things. So when I see a girl who doesn’t look good, I don’t like it. I want her to look good, so, I give my best. Every day, I also try to improve on my techniques to be able to compete favourably in the field.

“I’m most particular about finishing. Some people do not understand how to close weave-ons properly. Thus, I focus on that part because it’s what people see first. I make sure that whenever I am closing a parting, I give it all of my time. I look at it as if I am the one who wants to wear that look.


But things aren’t all rosy with male hair dressers; many of us suffer sexual harassments and are perceived as gay in extreme cases. It’s actually very common to hear cases of customers making sexual advances at them.

You must have self-control to be able to ignore when any part of woman’s body are exposed in the course of you treating her well. I don’t mix work with pleasure. So, I just had to develop a thick skin.

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