The Student Union President of Tai Solarin University of Education, Senator Olamide Adeboun yesterday pronounced the appointment of Barrister Akinlolu Moses as the 11th Chief Justice of the judicial arm of the students union.

The appointment of the chief judge follows the Students’ House of Senate intense scrutinization, considerations, ratification and approval of the list submitted by the President of the members of the judicial arm at the plenary special session held on Thursday 21st February, 2019.

Sen. Adeboun further reiterate the sanctity of the Students’ Judicial Arm as a very important arm in the running of the Students’ Union. The existence of the arm shall serve as a watchdog and for checks and balances of the activities of the Central Executive Council and the Students’ House of Senate.

While the executive shall continue to pledge its complete obedience and respect to the provisions of the Students’ Union Constitution (2007 as amended) – we urge that the Judicial Council be prudent and impartial in her interpretations of our constitution and passage of judgements.

The President importantly ask the Chief Justice to uphold the essential beauties of the Judicial Arm as rightly stipulated in the constitution.

Additionally, the Chief Justice should be assured of absolute cooperation, support and frequent communication(as necessary) from the executive arm of our Union and I trust that the Students’ House of Senate will do in similar regards.

In conclusion , the President of the Students’ Union congratulate the Chief Justice on this appointment, wishes him all the best and nice stay in the office. Hearty congratulations!

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