Abiodun Matthew (Big Show), the 11th Students Union Director of Transportation send his fareware to all Tasuedites who gave him the opportunity to have served them in his capacity.

BigShow is one of the most popular student in TASUED due to his online activities especially dissemination of information and service to humanity.

He just graduated from the premier university of education 2018/19 academic session and he’s currently awaiting his National youth service.

Big show bids TASUEDites farewell…

“It is often times said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step. Likewise, my journey as a student and comrade for four years which started around 2015 that looked like its never ending will wind up in matter of hours. Coming in to Tasued as a fresh student, I was only determined to do my best to the students populace and myself.

Today, I officially want to appreciate every Tasuedite (alumni or student) who shaped Big Show into what he is today. Your support, advice and criticism built me to who you see today. Without you, there is no Big Show. The list is endless so I would beg your apology for not mentioning any name.

I write this emotional piece thinking of how well everyone of you accepted and treated me, these memories are ones I will cherish for the entirety of my life. Starting from me just contesting as a senator to represent my constituency to getting elected as the Students’ Union Director of Transports, I have received immense love I cannot even pay back. You all are the real Big Show.

Today, Friday 11th of October 2019, I will be dropping everything that has to do with active unionism on campus as well as provision of campus information. I am no longer a student and the time has come to look forward to making significant progress in my desired career. Maybe I should say I am going into retirement. The days of “ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION with the tag “I AM SEN. BIG SHOW” will not be seen as often as you have seen before now because the time to bid goodbye has arrived. I will miss every single individual for giving me a platform to give my best.

Dear Tasuedites, be rest assured you are in good hands. Information will come in due time from Adewuyi Taiwo Elijah (Elected P.R.O) and his team and all that is needed are the same support, advice and constructive criticism given to me.

We have met to part. I part now and we will definitely meet in the nearest future in a better place.

Yewa First Son Says Thank You.

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