Rabiu Sodiq (Reliable Surz) the newly elected Assistant General Secretary of Tai Solarin university of Education Students’ Union 2019/2020 planned to celebrate his coming birthday by paying a visit to prison yard.

Rabiu said, It is out of my personal volition to celebrate my upcoming birthday with the inmates of Correctional center igbeba ijebu ode, Ogun state.

I know it’s a completely different experience as it’s also a rare treat. The good news is that there are things you can do to build positive experiences – and great memories– for the inmates in spite of the prison setting.

As regards to my humanitarian service, I believe some of the inmates were charged innocently and they ought to feel remembered.

It will be a great honour for us all to join me and remember them in jail. They shouldn’t feel neglected. Remember, some are innocent but circumstances waylaid them. Also I can’t do it alone, your donation can go a long way.

Let’s make them feel wanted, they can be freed tomorrow and become great person in life.
COM. Rabiu call for all forms of donations, can be money, drinks and provisions etc.
To contribute contact: RABIU SODIQ (Reliable Sur)


Date:25th of October

Time: 1pm


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