The center for human right and gender education (CHURGE), Tai Solarin University of Education organize a seminar to celebrate the International Women’s day 2019 on the theme: “Think Equal,  Build  Smart, Innovate for Change”.

There is practically nothing you can do without a WOMAN. She is important in the home, community, and the world at large. A woman is the opposite of a man and the second thing created by God.

Prof. Janice E. Olawoye

Prof. Abayomi Adelaja Arigbabu welcomes everybody including the guest speaker, a woman of substance, she has been fighting inequality for a very long time. she is a mother, wife, a retired professor  from the great citadel of learning the University of Ibadan, the first female dean of faculty of agriculture and forestry, she as over 80 publications and 100 consultancy assignment and the founder of the kings academy. Her name is Dr. Janice E. Olawoye.

Tasued vice-chancellor, Prof. Abayomi Adelaja Arigbabu

The program was graced by many dignitaries, doctors in different fields, professors, and students. The management team led by the vice-chancellor, prof. Abayomi Adelaja Arigbabu, deputy Vice-Chancellor, prof. Wale Banjo, the burser, Mr. Ifeoluwa Odukoyejo, the director of human right and gender education, prof. Abosede, the University Librarian, principals from different secondary schools in Ogun state, the student union president Senator Olamide Adeboun and his executives and so on.

The speaker, prof. Janice E. Olawoye, an American citizen that got married to a Nigeria Yoruba man who hails from Ondo state, Mr. Olumayokun  Olawoye. She spoke on the topic “Gender-related challenges and opportunities: time of action for equality and global impact.”

However, she started by telling men present that women are not here to take their power but to support and contribute to their dreams. A strong man is someone who push his wife to be better, rise above inequality and for the economic and social justices.

She said, “we have come a long way but we still have a long way to go”. One of the challenges women face is gender imbalance, these days, women need to prove herself by working very hard to be notice in her field or organization.

Furthermore, male dominance in the work environment of most formal organization, she represented this with a table by using her faculty (faculty of agriculture and forestry, (University of Ibadan) as a case study.

According to her, the faculty is dominated by male and for a female to succeed there, it will be very difficult but she rose above all inequality as the first female dean in her field. She said so many females still shy away from top post, she use the first female student union president in funaab as an example.

She concluded by telling all female present in the hall to start seeing themselves equal, that they can do better and get to the top by believing in their selves and working hard.

By: Babalola Folake

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