The incumbent TASUEDSU president Sen.Adeboun Olamide (DRIZZY) Emancipation 2018/19 granted an interview with #IjebuRewa.

He was asked various questions about his personality and administration.

During the cause of the interview, he was asked “It is the believe that anyone emerging as SUG President must belong to s secret society, how true is this”?

DRIZZY said, “Secret Cult has nothing to with anyone willing to contest as a Union President. Comradeship and Cultism are like two parallel lines that can never meet.
Anyone belonging to a secret cult is not fit and can never be a union leader, so that idea is wrong”.

He also talked about the continuation of his political career after school based on not too young to rule syndrome.

The TASUEDSU president ended the interview by advising TASUEDites and incoming TASUEDSU executives for 2019/2020 regime.

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