COURSES OFFERED IN TASUED – The academic programmes of the Tai Solarin University of Education are organized into Departments and a group of which shall constitute a College. Each Departments has one or more options in academic Programmes. The University operates the College system of Administration. There are five main Colleges with departments and the Postgraduate School. The Collegies, Departments and Programmes are listed below:

List of College
College of Science & Information Technology – COSIT The College of Sciences and Information Technology constitutes part of the main Colleges established in the University. The College offers degree options in education with capacity to combine honours with the desire to make the graduates of the College in the University to have broad based educational training for effective professional capabilities.

Below are the list of departments under COSIT
Biological Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Computer and Information Sciences
Human Kinetics & Health Education
Physics & Telecommunication
College of Specialised and Professional Education – COSPED This college in Tasued is aims at the training of academically sound and professionally adequate teachers and trainers with great capability to nurture the youth, and guide them effectively to utilize their potentialities to the fullest. Great emphasis would be placed on the practical maximixation and display of talents, creative thinking, originality and vocational ability.

The college has five Departments which include: 
Adult Education
Counselling Psychology

Educational Foundations and Instructional Technology
Educational Management
Library and Information Science
College of Humanities – COHUM The College of Humanities constitutes part of the Colleges  established in the University.

The College has six Departments: 
Creative Arts
English Studies
History and Diplomatic Studies
Religious Studies
Yoruba Language
College of Social and Management Sciences – COSMAS The College of Social and Management Sciences forms part of the major Colleges in the University.

The College accommodates four Departments:
Geography and Environmental Management
Political Science
Sociological Studies
College of Vocational and Technology Education – COVTED

The College has four Departments: 
Agricultural Science
Business Education
Home Economics
Technical Education


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