One of the Scripture goes thus, “By their fruits you shall know them”; this passage goes to the Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union (TASUEDSU) Aspirants for 2020/2021 General Election.

It’s obvious that some of these aspirants are lackadaisical, imagine an aspirant’s defacing people properties for his/her selfish political ambition.

However, the 2017 TASUEDSU Constitution As Amended, (Section 144(K) Stated, “Any Candidate Whose Poster or Awareness is Found on the School Property; eg. Wall or Any Other Property Shall Stand Disqualified from Contesting.

“Can’t you stop this superannuated campaign style of defacing people properties in this digital era? Your campaign strategy should be digitalized but I don’t blame you because you practice politics not unionism.

Moreover, those that suppose to uphold the rule of law are the ones involve in breaching the TASUEDSU Constitution as Amended 2016/17 Section 114 (L), “Any Candidate Found Before the Lifting of Ban Disclosing His/Her Post or Displaying His/Her Photograph Shall Stand Disqualified From Contesting”.

For how long are we going to continue like this? Nevertheless, the anonymous electoral commission (ITEC) that will conduct the forthcoming 2020/2021 TASUEDSU General Election will be made of cabals.

Who will save TASUEDites from these caucus race?…. Kindly Drop Your Comment(s)…


  1. Wow! What a headline? What a caption?
    Criticism is always a very good thing to do
    …in a constructive and matured manner.

    Where lies our hope, when all our reportage does is sabotage???

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