Hon. Francis Gift of COSMAS Legislative arm (Constituency III) disclosed his interest towards the Seat of the Speaker of the House of College of Social and Management Science students association in the next coming Union election.

His intension was know when he was sharing his experience on student Unionism in Tasued during an interview with the OWL Campus Media correspondents.

He said losing election in Tai Solarin University of Education will almost forever render anyone useless if the person dose not have a backup plan for his aim for service to humanity.

My earlier goal is to become the Senate president in my finals but the alteration started from the first year when I lost my Student House of Senate election due to some technical fault that election brought

This was the election that brought Senate Gas, Senator Las and Senator Timi into the Student House of Senate as the senators from Cosmas Constituency 2 in 2017

He further explained his dream to serve humanity lead to the adjustment of his goal and grab the game to enter the Cosmas House of Parliament as a Honorable.

In his voice, my sole objective all I dreamt of is becoming a parliamentarian and I felt like 001 of a Parliament is the vision, any Parliament I find myself even after TASUED.

I will someday become the 001 So that’s why Cosmas 001 Parliamentarian is the Ambition

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