The president of the Union, Sen Olamide Adeboun on behalf of the Union and her executives wishes all students and all members of the University community a Happy New Year.

We will all acknowledge that the just concluded year of 2018 witnessed a lot of fulfillments with us and reasons to be grateful.

We all notably remember that we have lost gross of our colleagues in the hand of death during the last year. Sadly enough, these are brilliant and promising heads that have bright future for workable goods of our country. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

We are very privileged to be seeing this day. We are thankful and appreciative to God.

2018 midwived the birth of EMANCIPATION era. The administration that pledged to always represent TASUEDITES in all ramifications.

As it stand, the EMANCIPATION team has been trying to fulfill those promises and pledges.

We have prioritise students demands and needs above everything. The welfarism of students has been our utmost priority and concern. Students security and safety has been our paramount interest and improved learning environment remains our continued agitation and demand, in the last year.

In this new year, we hold you the responsibility to do more. That should be the best of New Year gift to all TASUEDITES. TASUEDSU will continue to do more and ensure everyone is proud of our Union.

We will not renege in this our resolute. We will continue to push for more in this new year. Our vision is that before the handing over, TASUEDITES will boastfully laud us as an achiever, when we will have been truly ’emancipated’.

In this 2019, we pray for all bests. We pray for successes, victories, achievements, scale through and greatest of all fulfilments.

We beseech God almighty to seize untimely death among us and make us live to ascertain our main purpose of livelihood(succeed).

Dear TASUEDITES, as we all celebrate this new year in joy, let us reflect on our collective bond of unity and be more prayerful.

TASUEDSU prays that may this New Year of 2019 bring us all great tidings. We pray for a fruitful and prosperous year ahead.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TASUEDITES. May God bless our collective indomitable will.

Sen Olamide Adeboun
President of the Union 18/19

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