The Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union 2019/2020 election is fast approaching, aspirants are campaigning restlessly both online and offline.

One of the sitting Senator (Moradeyo, Ifedayo Johnson) recently gave account of his stewardship and why he’s seeking re-election to represent College of Humanities Constituency 3.

He said for the past months in the house, he has contributed a lot:

-reconduction of E-test
-kick against purchase of teller
-chairman of Transport Committee
-member of academic committee
-member of sports committee

….. His contributions in the house of senate cannot be underestimated, awaiting other returning senators to show their achievements so far!

His post

My Stewardship and Why I am seeking reelection! – Sen. MORADEYO, Ifedayo Johnson (COHUM CONSTITUENCY 2)

Greatest TASUEDITES, about 365 days ago, I came cap in hand to seek for your supports and votes to represent my constituency at the Students’ House of Senate. I will forever appreciate the overwhelming support I was given then and that I have received in the office in the last months.

It is time to seek reelection into the House of Senate and I have come to give the account of my activities as a parliamentarian in the 11th Assembly, I believe this should be the only yardstick to determine if a candidate deserve to be reelected and I believe you have the right gauge to measure the success.

Greatest TASUEDITES, I have not been silent at the House of Senate, I have made wonderful contributions, I have tabled issues affecting my constituency and TASUEDITES at large before the house and lasting solutions have been proferred. I have not been silent nor allow to be silenced.

I was one of the lead Representatives of the SHS that pushed tirelessly for the re-conduction of E-Test for those who missed it earlier and through our agitation, it was conducted.

I pushed and kicked against students being asked to purchase teller at the Microfinance bank and it was stopped with immediate effect.

• As the Chairman of the Transport Committee, together with my committee members, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the Director of Transports and we made sure transport system is made easy for all TASUEDITES. We have placed our shuttles on a monthly inspection to make sure they are in good condition, we have sensitized the students populace and the shuttle drivers, tricycles have been stopped from plying and conveying our students from the Expressway to Ijagun in other to avoid accidents on the highway.

Recently, in conjunction with the Director of Transports and with the cooperation of the Shuttle drivers, we were able to organize a day of #50 shuttle to and fro Campus for all TASUEDITES

• As a member of the Academic Committee, I have worked with other members of the committee in organizing series of tutorials which cuts across all levels on campus, we have also attended to other issues that had to with academics (Submission of files, attending to and sorting students who were misguided, etc)

• As a member of the Sports Committee, I have worked together with other members of the committee and the Director of Sports to make sure our sporting activities are revitalized. We’ve organized series of competitions which include the first of it’s kind ‘Fresher’s Cup’

I have worked hand in hand with other representatives across all other constituencies to achieve this, this is to show there is the ability to work in team as I believe that _’One tree can never make a forest’_

*I preached “Effective Representation” and stand firmly by it, I am still preaching Effective Representation because I believe in representing you effectively. I want to do more as I mean business.*

This is my stewardship for the present Assembly of the Students’ House of Senate even as a first timer.

*On this note, I, Senator Moradeyo Ifedayo Johnson (JIMCRUZ) hereby seek your support and vote to be reelected to the Students’ House of Senate to represent College of Humanities Constituency 3!*

*We want to do more!*
*Let us do more, together!*

Ifedayo mean Business!

Vision with Action✊

E- Signed:
*Sen. Ifedayo Johnson MORADEYO (JIMCRUZ) 08163162679*

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