The University Management of Tai Solarin University of Education has made it mandatory for members of the University Community to render the TASUED Anthem at all functions on campus.

This has become necessary in order to ensure that both members of staff and students master the lyrics appropriately.

All that is needed to be sung during events is as follows (Just the first stanza and the chorus):

First Stanza

Tai Solarin University
The pride of our-land
Education on higher ground
Where Nation’s goals are brought to bear
Citadel for National growth
Continually we’ll nurture you.

Lift up the sound of TASUED song,
Till all the ends hear of its strains
And lift high the gourd of knowledge
And soak the earth with wisdom
Till everyone that thirsts to know
Is filled to the brim of his quest.


Tasued Anthem

Credit: University PRO

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