It is no more news that Tai Solarin University of Education SIWES program has commenced since August 19th, 2019.

To this end, we are expected to get the logbook from the SIWES office which will be used for the program.

This article is written to guide us on how to fill and handle the SIWES logbook.

SIWES logbook is a book or document which is used to take accurate record of daily skills, training or experience acquired/gained during the program. It also reflects the department and sections in which the student has work and the period of time spent on each department or section.

However, the following are the techniques in filling and handling SIWES logbook.

1. Ensure to master the skill or training that’s being acquired because that’s what gives you the opportunity to know what to put down.

2. Make sure your sentences are sequentially and logically arranged and it should be in past tense.

3. You can get an exercise book for daily recoding of your training/ experience and transfer to your logbook at the end of the week so as to avoid to much error.

4. Sketch out diagram where necessary so as to give more meaning to your work.

5. Ask questions where necessary
from your immediate boss or experienced staff in the Organisation.

6. Ensure your record correlate with the training you are being given.

7. Ensure your choice of words are logically, systematically and accurately penned down.

8. Go through the logbook after it has been filled before submitting to your immediate boss.

9. Ensure the logbook is stamped and signed by your boss every week. Don’t wait till the day your supervisor comes or the day you get a call from your supervisor because your boss might not have time by that time.

10. Lastly, handle the logbook with care. Don’t put it where oil or any liquid will spill on it.

Conclusively, display an ethical behaviour during the program because your attitude speaks volume of your personality and your dear school.

The SIWES program is meant to shape your orientation of world of work. Therefore, be humble to learn from everyone around you.

Wish you all a successful SIWES program

Warmest regardsāœ


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