Students Vehicles – In view of the increasing numbers of vehicles entering the University campus, there has been agitations from students and stake holders to curb this ugly trend as not to have negative effects on the security system of the university.

This was made known in responses to Tasued Finest’s video on Instagram last week which was about the influx of student’s vehicles into the campus, majority of the respondents who were also students shared almost the same opinion and urged the student’s union and the university authority to do the needful.

A student with the name @ithxstar said “In Support”, @Abisolabenjamin said, “I don’t think there is anything bad in that”. @mhiz_zaeemah said, “a good idea…. am fully in suppot of dis”

A source who confided in our correspondent informed us that the management might also be thinking of registering students vehicles on campus, on what stopping them, the source said “they are probably working on modalities for it”.

He said, its not bad idea though. It’s a global standard and will be great if Tasuedites can Welcome the idea. in fact, in the United Kingdom and South Africa students pay weekly parking fee to park their car on campus.

He advised the union to work it out with the security so all student who own car should go through security check before the union issue stickers, so there won’t be any issue at the checking point of entry.

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