The newly elected Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union (TASUEDSU) Assistant General Secretary (AGS), Com. Rabiu Sodiq (RELIABLE SURZ) has written an open letter to TASUEDSU executives especially the legislative arm reminding them of their duties irrespective of their political ideologies and caucuses.

He said “I’m using this avenue to call us to service, this is service to humanity not service to Personality. The fact that you’re given the mandate doesn’t makes you the best of all, just know it’s a privilege from Almighty Allah to serve the students populace”.

“To you Senators, this is the time to use your office effectively and efficiently,the time to prove those who vote you in that you’re capable of representing them efficaciously, not the time to keep shut in the face of tyranny,not the time to keep discussing issue that’s of no use to Tasuedites, not the time to keep joking and playing with co Senators while sitting is on.

“it’s so unfortunate and disheartened that most of the sitting I witnessed in the last Regime was full of jokes and nonchalant attitudes, if not that the leadership of the house Dis.sen faranye Abiodun was a disciplinary man to the core, the 11th TASUEDSU students house senate would have been the most useless one in the history of tasued, please and please you’re not force to pick up the form this time around, tasuedites needs an active and vibrant Students union servants not come and raid Senators.

In conclusion, let’s come as one and serve Tasuedites with full utmost sincerity. Remember everything will do today will be a page of history tomorrow.

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