Taiwo and Kehinde Alli of SOB, Shaper of Beauty has signed an endorsement deal to become brand ambassador to Digital Africa today Wednesday.

“Another one! SOB to the Mother Fucking World…” the twin Fashionista wrote on their WhatsApp Status as he shared a picture of themselves signing the endorsement deal.

These Young Fashion Icon who names is one of every conner of Tasued Campus this various numbers of impact and support on the University and Its Community terrain.

The deal is another proof of the continued partnership between the university students and the new management of DB luxury Hotel, with the aim create an affordable and comfortable life for the students while they bring luxury lifestyle closer to their doorstep.

DB luxury will hope to access SOB popularity in the University community to attract more patronage for the brand. The Hotel now have exclusive room and High class Club and relaxation center that are very accessible.

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