Dear TASUEDites Team Reliability want to extend our condolence to everyone still mourning our dear brother AYODEJI who left us to be with the Almighty.

The SU representatives joined everyone at Computer Science department today in their prayer walk.

The SU representatives reiterated that we are in full support of their agitations and pledge that we will do our best to give our last respect to our dear brother AYODEJI.

The SU also joined in the candle night procession that was observed this evening from his residence till the end of the walk.

We pray that the soul of our beloved brother rest in perfect peace.

The SU and other leaders led by Comr. RABIU SODIQ have been on their toes in the school premises to register their displeasures and grievances against the nonchalant and lackadaisical attitudes of our school medical officials towards attending to students.

Sincerely, we want to appreciate and commend the efforts of every students and union leaders who peacefully adhered to our warnings of peaceful protest.

We want to say a big thank you for your cooperation and submission. We hope to do more in other to register out displeasure when things go wrong.

We marched peacefully in solidarity to all necessary points and quarters in the school. We touched the School gate, Cosit Ground, Medical Center, The Senate Building and other places.

At some point, we were invited by the School Management Representatives to have words with us concerning our agitations.

Present at the meeting were The Dean of Students Affairs, The Medical Director, The Deputy Medical Director, The HOD of Computer Science Department, The Chief Security Officer, Members of The Students Affairs Committee, Concerned Students and The Students Union Representatives.

Below are the resolutions of the meeting:

  1. Expired Drugs :
    We were able to give instances of cases where expired drugs were administered to sick students who went to the clinic. The Director of Medical adviced that next time cases like this happen, students should go to the Union building with evidence for adequate and immediate attention.
  2. Inadequate Medical Facilities and Equipment :
    It is glaring that some important and necessary equipment for the smooth running of the clinic are absent. According to the responses and reactions of the medical officers, THERE WOULD BE CHANGE AND IMPROVEMENTS!.
  3. Apathetic Attitudes of Medical Staffs
    It has gone beyond control and measure that some medical staff are known for this ridiculous, inert and half-hearted attitude when attending to medical situations especially when it comes to emergency. Please If you fall victim of any form of unprofessionalism from any medical staff kindly send your reports to the students union with evidence i.e pictures, voice or video record.
  4. Non Availability of Doctors : We have received complains about doctors not being available to attend to patients especially during weekends. Students are left
    In pains and agony due to this. We have raised alarm on this trend.

We got report that the school medical does not have enough doctors on ground to balance the shifting on weekends. Some of these doctors would have to visit their families and refresh themselves for the new week.

The SU clearly asked the school management to provide more medical personnels so that their can be a balance.

By God’s Grace, it has been registered that it will be looked into as soon as possible.

  1. Issues on Medical Cards and Face Masks : Reports reached us that students who need to be attended to in emergency situations are always denied treatments if they are not with their medical cards or face masks. It is on this note that we implore and admonish all students to keep a snapshot of their medical card or have their medical card number saved on their phone.

Medical personnels on duty will henceforth accept snapshots as we have agreed on this terms.
This is to make sure that people who are not students do not deny us of necessary medications when the need arises.

In order to extend more safety precautions and to raise emergency alarms when necessary, we asked that the school medical hotlines be displayed to all TASUEDdites so that they can report any act of unprofessionalism to the Students Union immediately they happen.

TASUEDites can now make their complains via these lines :


In order to effectively manage and contain all the issues we have at our medical center, the Student Union is creating a 10 Man Committee that will cut across the five Colleges on campus. There will be 2 representatives from the 5 Colleges we have.

This committee will report directly to the Student Union as we will inform everyone once we have compiled the names.

Dear Tasuedites, your interest will always be the topmost priority as far as this administration is concerned.

We urge you to reach out to us when there are issues like this next time. Your feedback and constructive criticism are also important to us.

Special thanks to those who joined our live session on Facebook today.

We hope to build on this platform so that we can address issues head-on and address your questions.

Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!

Reliable Surz

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