The Students of Tai Solarin University of Education laud the Students Union Body and the university management for their tried effort over the first peaceful E-test ever conducted in University.

After the E-test conducted on Friday, the correspondent of The OWL Campus Media engaged some students of the university.

A 300level student of English Department, Adekunle Tobiloba, lauded the effort of the Students Union. “I have been in this university for 3 years now this will be the first time I will feel the presence of the student union body give much to the cause of the students.” “The student union effort on this year e-test was amazed”

Joy Udoh from Chemistry department 200L she said, we can’t take away the stress of e-test in this university but with the presence of the student union and the university management this session e-test was high coordinated despite the trouble that came with it.

Kemi Onabanjo, 300L Business Education, “the tiredness effort of the Students Union President and his team give change my mentality toward student Unionism in this university, I don’t believe they can stay with the student throughout the e-test.”

“When I see them on Monday doing the 300 Level E-test i don’t see their availability to the end of all the E-test.”

No matter how much can be giving to the cause of human race, satisfaction can never be meant 100 percent. Despite all praise giving to the Students Union some student still feel they’ve not done enough.

Helen Adeyemi, 100 Level Economics department,“the union tried but I think they have not done enough.” “They should have dialog with the management on the issue of the University Portal to make things easy on the student”.

“The stress we not have been too much on me if not for my school fees payment that gave me worried”

This session E-test stress was properly managed despite the pressure the University Portal gave the students, the Students Union played maturity to manage the balance between the university and the student without causing and unrest in the university.

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