The Student Union President, Senate Olamide Adeboun, Director of Transportation, Senator Abiodun Matthew are recently spotted featuring in a Movie production title JUST 4 OF US.

JUST FOUR OF US is movie designed around students lifestyle to educate students to have full knowledge of what is going on in our campuses and learn from the mistakes of others.

Olamide, who plays role of “Kalejaiye” in the JUST FOUR OF US revealed in a discussion with the OWL Campus Media iReporter said, the it was a great privilege for him to be on this production as he so much appreciate the producer for giving him a role.He further said, as the Student Union President, I have to make sure I support every positive minded student who have great innovation to promote and boost their image and that of the university.The Director of Transport, Senator Abiodun Matthew (BigShow) who also play the role of “Kola” said when an idea is discovered, we has a Union need to give our total support to see it come true.We accept the role to be on this production, because we see as a platform the will give more of our student opportunity to showcase their given talent.The movie is produced Ramonination, Make’it Entertainment and Tasued Students Union (Emancipation Team 2018),Writen by Olaniyan Aanuoluwapo Segundo and Aromire Ramoni, Direct by Aromire Ramoni.

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