Nigeria students’ union is referred to as sector of junk, less reasonable and idle students who have the main aim of climbing political hills and bargain wealth. It is no longer a piece of news that students’ union has called from the market and cannot be sold at an expensive rate.

Students’ Union in the past is the body comprises of intellectuals, good and sound students who have the vision that; it is compulsory on their own part to support the movement for the freedom of those they represent. Series of notable achievement could be traced to them.

Union in the past came because of patriotism, commitment, steadfastness, and demand for the proper funding of education, safeguarding the rights of the Nigeria students from the government.

The transition of power in those years show true picture of internal democracy as this is characterized by commitment, dedication, and patriotism. There will be campaigns, rallies and thorough awareness to the Nigeria campuses and needs to change of power. This mature transition system bring respect from the government and wooed the politicians, even, other unions often request for her solidarity movement in other to champion a course.

In the time of struggle, the Students’ union leader will organize rallies in different institutions across the countries, and finally, a nationwide protest, this oneness, and esprit-de-corp made her unique in the whole of Africa, her unanimous agitation made her a unique pressure group in the whole of Africa.

At inception, there was a commitment, dedication and guarding of internal democracy within her member, it is usually an honor to serve in those capacities as it earns one political capital(fame) after office and it also substantiates the integrity value to be chosen in as executive.

Until recently, when democracy has regained its stance, there is the need for politicians to canvass the vote and this notion made it imperative to reach out to students bodies as the recognizable Students platform which can get information across to over to her members, thus, in return diminish the commitment to monetary motivation.

The political zombies often find their candidate to assume the mantle of students’ union leadership has this rubbed her credibility, integrity and internal democracy were not guaranteed again. The said peace convention turned to the battlefield as it is characterized with name calling, betrayal of trust, vote buying, attacks and assault, manipulation of electoral result, rigging and finally elongation of tenure. This has greatly maimed the patriotism and diligence as this influence irresponsibility and negligence of duty, the union leaders see students’ union bodies as means of climbing political ladder as serving in this capacity will give you the required connection to become a political gladiator.

Also, it has been “factional” as this made it useless and the association of unfaithful students, a conscious effort was made to resolve the fracas but could not be resolved due to political undertone, they now operate under a certain political bloc.

This is instrumental in tainting of her subsequent claims be it legitimate or not as the handiwork of opposition and her protest threat is seen as irrelevant, several actions were taken by political administrators to curb her activities by the detention of her leaders, attacking of protesters by men in uniform, and bribing of her leaders.

These nonsensical actions have forfeited the chance of referring to as pressure group because of the partisan politics of her leaders. The effort of the past unionists has been maimed or put in jeopardy due to selfishness and covetous on the part of the students’ leaders in the country.

It is agreeable fact that Students’ Union in Nigeria; A race of self-interest over patriotism.


A 200 level student, English department.


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