Taste My Cake (TMC) – established on the 14th day of February 2018 – is one of the fastest-growing cake outlets in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state. It specializes in making cakes for different occasions – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries among others – at prices best affordable to even common man on the street.

Taking you on a journey to Taste My Cake, TMC as you meet the ‘behind the scene’ of the firm – Mr Oduyemi Fiyinfoluwa – is the task we have set to accomplish this week.

Tell Us Briefly About You and How You Came About The Idea Of TMC.

Oduyemi Fiyinfoluwa is the name. The last out of four children. I graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in Educational Management and Economics in 2015. Presently, I work for Lafarge cement running it alongside my work here at TMC. Basically, what brought about Taste My Cake was that since my childhood days I had always wanted to work on my own.

I had always had the inspiration not to work under anybody and while I was in my service year, I had one or two reasons to get cakes from Cakes and Cream and that grew my passion for baking – cake precisely. With this, I felt I was going to start my own business and Taste My Cake was born.

And Ijagun was the Best Location to Situate Your Outlet?

Very particularly. I saw the need to bring this idea back home in order to develop the community. I grew up in this community and rather than build or develop someone else’s land, I would do mine first. Here in Ijebu Ode, you barely see an outlet whose main domain is in the area of cake making.

Many of them see it as one of the services they should render but TMC has decided to go away from that direction and to ensure there’s an outlet that makes just cakes in this community.

Your Experience in Ijagun So Far.

Truly, this is a school environment where the major needs of students would be things relating to academics. But aside that, our experience in Ijagun so far has really been in line with what we initially envisioned. Most times, 80℅ of our delivery goes out of this community. We have got to deliver cakes in Lagos, Oyo and Ondo particularly.

Solving the Problem of Far Distance.

To us, distance has not really been a barrier. When we started TMC, it was not for the reason of having to have a one-on-one discussion with our customers at all times. Technology is evolving at the speed of light and we are utilizing these trends. This is the reason why we have thought it needful to develop our social media platform which would enable us to work more from our online cake shop. Customers don’t always have to come down to Ijagun at all time to place their order: social media is there for us.

Helping Hands in TMC.

Though TMC started with only me in 2018. But within the space of a year, TMC has 3 members of the delivery team, 2 full-time bakers and 3 interns. Due to the nature of other works I do, most of these people get to do the work in my absence and for any work that demands me being around, I always sort out time to be here.

Walk us Through Your Services.

TMC has made over 400 cakes in the last one year of establishment. 80% of which has been delivered outside Ijagun as I have said earlier. We make new cakes virtually on a weekly basis. Aside from that, we offer training services to people who are interested in the art of cake baking and covering

The Challenges and Driving Force.

The basic challenge I had starting was people having to believe in it, as with all new ideas. Even my strongest supporter didn’t believe in me. They were like, “are you sure people still buy cakes?”

Additionally, finance was another challenge. Support wasn’t forthcoming so I had to use from the little I was earning to start up something. TMC started in a small kitchen year back. However, the major zeal has always been that which I long had, ‘Being a boss of my own’. I knew what I wanted and I had to move towards achieving it.

In The Next 2 Years…,

I see TMC taking over Ogun state. I see us taking over Google in the state too. So when anyone needs to visit a cake outlet in the state, TMC is what pops up first on the internet. Also, TMC would have had branches in another part of Ogun state – Ijebu Ode, Sagamu, Abeokuta – and outside the state.

Flying Advises the Youth.

Everyone knows good from the bad. Therefore whatever you’re doing, make sure it is the good thing so in years to come when people ask you about how you made it, you’ll surely have a legit story to tell. I know of people who engage in the ‘Make It Quick’ act. I, also, don’t preach against it for all I know is that time will tell whether you build your foundation on honesty or on lies.

Also, no matter what you do in life, there will always be ups and downs. This is the certainty about life. But note when you are into any business, you are now living two lives: your business life and your private life. In that, whatever affects your business life should not be brought into your private life and vice versa.

To the youth who would want to start any business, I would say, don’t wait until later hours before you start. Start writing that wonderful books now! Start recording those amazing songs! It is wrong today we are the future of tomorrow, our future starts today. I made a mistake of waiting some years before coming up with this. If I had known, I would have started this a long time ago. However, it’s still good I did…

Next customer at TMC?

You, yes you reading this right now.

Visit www.tastemycakeng.com or call +2348064617745.


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