The Acting Vice Chancellor,Prof Wole Banjo has reiterated the need for strict adherence to the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of examinations in the University. This became necessary in light of the trending snapshot of e-examination question in the social media which took place on Tuesday 3rd,August,2021.T

he University Management therefore wishes to let Students take note of the following;

1. That disobedience to rules and regulations guiding the conduct of examinations in the University carries varying penalties such as suspension,rustication and or expulsion as contained in the University handbook.

2. That the University frowns at acts such as insulting,attacking and rudeness to invigilators,examination supervisors and other University personnel on examination duties and is thus a punishable offence.

3. Bringing of phones and any type of electronic device is an act of examination malpractice.

4. Students should please take cognisant of the fact that the University in line with standard practice guiding e-examination has CCTV surveillance camera in each of the examination venues.

5. The culprit responsible for taking the shot of the said examination paper has thus been identified and would soon be made to face the University Examination Malpractice Committee.

6. It should be noted that the question in contention is standard and an academic exercise that should not generate any innuendo whatsoever. Students should therefore be guided.

Odubela, A.OACEO/PRO

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