As posted on the popular social media platform, Facebook, a TASUED alumnus, Tobiloba Arewa Adesanya, C.E.O Adire World has narrated how she saved a lady from killing her baby. She, however, stressed that a simple message can help depressed people to live.

She said, “7years ago, a young lady posted on Facebook that she was Depressed and Sad. I went to inbox to ask her why she was like depressed. She opened up to me that she was pregnant and the father of the baby has refused to take the child. She wanted to abort the child”. TASUED alumnus

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act

“I pleaded with her not to abort the child. I wrote the epistle, gave her reasons not to. I chatted with her almost every day. In 2016, (5years later) I received a message from this lady asking if I remember her. I have obviously forgotten her. She sent me our chat from 5years ago (2011). She told me how my words then encouraged her to keep her baby and when she gave birth, she named him Oluwatobiloba” TASUED alumnus

“I was amazed beyond words could describe. To think that I was only 15years old in 2011. At 15, I had a browsing phone and I was able to inspire a young lady to Keep her baby. Today, Tobiloba is 7years old in Basic 2 doing beautiful well in his academics. Though the father still didn’t accept him (Obviously, he is doing well without him). The mother is running her HND program in Agriculture”.


The poster, however, highlighted that there was the increased rate in depression saying “Today, we have more people falling into depression. The suicide rate is High. Some can’t post it on Social Media because people will either not care or mock them”. TASUED alumnus TASUED alumnus

The poster said further that “People who used to be very active on social media has gone MIA (missing in action) cause they are going through some life difficulties but can they post that after posting that their life is Perfect. The ones that are bold enough to post it. Some people say it’s a Lie and just go by their day like it’s nothing”.

Concluding that it’s always necessary to watch out for others and checking on people’s well-being, the poster said “look out for people around you. Don’t say you are not related. My story shows age is not a determinant of how much impact you can make in people’s life. Maybe just a call is all you need or simply drop a message”.


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