Happiness is free and nothing can quantify utility.

It’s not a gain saying that out of all the social events organized this semester in Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode, TASUED MUST LAFF hosted by Mc Gbagaun and Friends remain the best in terms of non stop entertainment ( 70% Comedy, 20% Music & 10% Dance) and it’s the first of it kind in TASUED.

In other to crown it all the special appearance of Woliagba and Dele of IPM makes the memory of the day to continue ringing bell in the minds of the attendees.

In fact all the comedians at TASUED MUST LAFF cracked ribs of TASUEDITES with nonstop entertainment.

Mc Gbagaun and friends we need you next session says one of the attendees.

In a telephone call to Mc Gbagaun, he appreciate all attendees and participants at his show and he’s requesting “what/who are Tasuedites expecting in the next TASUED MUST LAFF? “

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