It’s no longer news that the 2019/2020 TASUEDSU election is around the corner with series of awareness by aspirants via various platforms both online and offline.

It’s dishearten to see these aspirants defacing other people properties because of their ambition by writing with paint on walls/roads/shops etc. Also defacing with posters/banners…

We’re in a technological age in which everything is computerized. The TASUEDSU Students House of Senate election held last year was E-Voting.

It’s obvious that the forthcoming TASUEDSU Election could be E-Voting as well, based on the credibility and success of the recent E-election in the institution.

According to the TASUEDSU 2009 Constitution as Amended 2015, Section 112(K) ‘Any candidate whose poster or awareness is found on the school property Eg. wall or OTHER property shall stand to be DISQUALIFIED from contesting ‘.

So, why are you defacing other people properties because of your ambition?

The habit of writing on the walls/roads/trees/shops etc. is no longer relevant due to the power of social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc). Many students are more active online and your campaign can get to them without much stress and cost.

Why don’t you restructure your campaign strategies with the power of technology to canvass?

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By: Ganiu Bolaji

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