Team Vision with Action organizes Walk Against Suicide #TasuedSayNoToSuide

In recent times, one of the most bothering news that has been in the air is that of SUICIDE, most especially among the youths. Suicide is gradually becoming a menace in our society and it needs to be tackled as soon as as possible!

In that vein, Team Vision with Action ably led by Sen. Moradeyo Ifedayo Johnson (JIMCRUZ) has deemed it fit to organize a Walk and a very strong Campaign Against Suicide.

He said, “We are imploring all TASUEDITES and youths in all walks of life to join us in this campaign irrespective of where you belong. It is a menace that needs to be tackled collectively.”

The walk has been scheduled to hold on the 24th October, 2019 across the campus!

“We shall therefore soon be dishing out activities that has been laid down in making the Walk Against Suicide and the Campaign to Preach Against Suicide a successful one.”

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