Six Students of the Economics Department, Tai Solarin University of Education emerge overall winner at the just concluded Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers Intervarsity Quix and Debate Competition during the Annual Economics Students Conference (AESC) 8.0 at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

Economics students all over the world are taking part in global debates on policymaking, policy conflicts, growth, and development. In Nigeria however, there has not been a veritable platform for young minds to exchange ideas, express themselves and take part in this growing debate.

The Nigerian Economic Students Association {N.E.S.A} Obafemi Awolowo University Ife, having observed this trend and aiming to correct this anomaly conceived an idea to put together a national conference. The conference will provide a platform for students, lecturers, major private players, captains of industries, and officials from the public sector to rub minds in order to proffer solutions to the economic, social, and political challenges facing the country.

Below is the list of the six students

Oni Ibukun- TasuedNESA PRESIDENT

Thompson Enitan- TasuedNESA Fin Sec

Okikiola Samuel- TasuedNESA PRO

Lawal Abosede

Osikalu Johnson

Akinlotan Idris

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