Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union (TASUEDSU) Central Executives Council (CEC) election for the past few years has being witnessing two major leading presidential aspirants :

2015/16 AJE vs Folaranmi
2016/17 UBUNTU Vs Setiok
2017/18 BAMIDELE Vs Ujama
2018/19 DRIZZY Vs Versatile

If election is only win based on popularity many candidates will not emerge. Although popularity is one of the major winning factor in an election but it shouldn’t be capitalized on alone as the only campaign strategy.

2019/2020 TASUEDSU CEC election is at the corner the two leading presidential aspirants has begin “aggressive -campaign”.

“So my counterpart blocked me from viewing his status. This is unionism not politics. It shouldn’t be a do or die affair ” Soneye Abudul Azeez(LAS)

“Achievements lá fí mô comrade. Show us the achievements that you can boast of… ” Mustapher Sanni (FABULOUS)

It’s crystal clear that this year debate/Manifesto is going to be tough as both aspirants are sitting Senator in the incumbent Emancipation Regime.

TASUEDites are the ones to decide the winner between FABULOUS Vs LAS….

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