“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies”- Grouch Max.

The forthcoming TASUEDSU 2019/2020 election has shown that no permanent friends/enemies in politics but only permanent interest.

The choice of candidates especially presidential aspirants for 2019/2020 TASUEDSU election has tear the camp of Team-Emacipation apart; all executives are supporting and canvassing for their ‘anointed candidates ‘ both online and offline restlessly.

It’s not new for incumbent government to campaign for incoming administration but the game of politics now is that all incumbent TASUEDSU executives (TEAM-EMACIPATION) are using their social media influence and campus popularity to campaign desperately for their anointed aspirant.

It’s now a routine in TASUED unionism that every outgoing executive must canvass for incoming anointed candidates for the sake of their various CAUCUSES even at the detriment of TASUEDites interest!

The truth is that all comrades in TASUED unionism belong to different caucuses and the fact remains that no Aspirant can emerge without affiliating with a caucus.

It’s high time Tasuedites open their eyes and vote wisely for a credible candidate irrespective of caucus.

TASUEDITES should separate politics from unionism this time around by not allowing imposition of candidates.

Let each aspirant present his/her manifesto and ask them sensible questions to determine their capabilities…

#TasueditesDecides2019 your vote is your power!

by: GaniuBolaji (ACTIVIST-PEN)

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