The outgoing president of the Students’ Union, Sen. Olamide Adeboun find it very dutiful and honorably obliged to extend hands of congratulations to Ms Tobiloba ALIMI, a TASUEDITE who was recently crowned as “Ogun Most Beautiful Girl 2019”.

This is noteworthy and an inspiring feat in her career as a model.

Ms Tobilola claimed this crown after weeks of serious contest, informed with her devotion, focus, resilience and display of core professionalism and outstanding virtues as required to win the contest.

It should be noted that Tobilola was the “Miss SUG TASUED 2019”, her crowning however continue to repose more confidence in our judgement, that without bias or favorism, our verdicts are justified and merit global standards.

The Student Union President in his congratulations note said, they are proud of Tobiloba as she proceeded further to claim that her vision is not restricted to her very immediate constituency. Tobilola pressed further, pursued her dream with vigour and exercised absolute classicalism to claim the contest amidst scores of others.

She is an heroine and a figure we are proud to be associated with.

It is equally a privilege to congratulate three other TASUEDITES who made us proud in the audition. The person of Obasi Favour as “Miss Tourism Ogun Most Beautiful Girl”, Lawal Mary as “Miss Culture Ogun Most Beautiful Girl” and “Emmanuel Tomisin as Miss Heritage Ogun Most Beautiful Girl”. These awesome ladies of value came 2nd, 3rd and 5th positions respectively.

The Student Union President further said, students of our university and the entire university community are proud of them all. They have excellently represented us pretty well and we are very honored for the reputation and good name they have tagged the university with.

“TASUEDITES out there continue to break the glass again and again. We have records of TASUEDITES success points in sports, fashion, politics, government, sciences, music industry, arts and lots of others. These individuals continue to uphold the ideals and values of being students of Nigeria’s Premier University of Education. We urge them not to stop.”

In his conclusion, he express his joy to congratulate Tobilola ALIMI of this landmark achievement in her career, we urge her to keep the flag flying high, she should remain devoted and driven by purpose to make more laudable attainments. We urge others too, to remain focused and keep the pursuit of their dreams accelerating.

We will all be waiting to celebrate them more for many other great accomplishments.

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