The President of Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union, Sen. Olamide Adeboun has eulogized the giant strides of the OWL Campus Media in celebration of its 5th Year Anniversary.

In a statement released from the office of the president, TASUED students’ union lauded the spirit of commitment and positive diehard flair of Mr Toyosola Amuludun, Chief Executive Officer of the media platform.

While appraising the owner of the platform, the students Union commended his resilience saying “the person of Mr Amuludun has from time position himself as a man deepen with focus and vision, ability to live amidst trials and tribulations and of course with serious dedication and resilience”.

“The Union found him resistant to failure. He has shown the Tai Solarin University of Education students community that with right direction and vision, nothing can be found undone”.

The platform under his ownership was further praised for its activeness in information dissemination saying “The Owl Campus Media amidst comity of contemporary develop strength in being humane, truest services to students, love and being accommodating”.

“These interesting virtues and success stories have continue to edge him and the firm ahead and above. The Students’ Union however noted that his person and Team are inspirational and model in that career”

“The OWL Campus Media has partnered and keep partnering various projects and programs of the Students’ Union. Too numerous to mention. The efforts of the firm in delivering a great Union that serves students do not go unnoticed. Its subsidiary, TASUED_FINEST and other organs have done great jobs in this community”.

Mr. Toyosola who was once a Public Relations Officer of the students union earned the positive recognition of the current executives. “The Students’ Union is proud of him and his kind. The Union have no doubt that Mr Amuludun leadership of The OWL Campus Media shall continue to build up in his track record and record greater feats.

“We have a strong conviction that this 5th Anniversary of The OWL Campus Media shall midwife many great stories of victories and blessings. The OWL Campus Media shall continue to thrive and thread the path of greatness and growing of tentacles”.

The media platform was further charged not to relent in consolidating its giant strides.

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