The Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union (TASUEDSU) announced the renovation of the Borehole water system and Toilets constructed by past TASUEDSU led by Salami Nofiu Iroko and Adeleke Johnbull respectively.

According to a publication credited to the TASUEDSU President (Soneye Abdul-Azeez Lekan LAS), ” after presentation of the general toilet challenges and our proposal to build one, the University hence set up a six man Ad-hoc committee chaired by the DSA and the President and Welfare Director as Students representative with these terms of reference:

  1. Take an inventory of all students toilets and determine their state of readiness for use.
  2. To repair all the toilets…….
  3. To make the toilets functional and accessible to the students.
  4. To institute a plan for the continuous maintenance of the toilets…. “

It’s emphasize that, “All toilets shall be duly renovated by the university and put into accessible and usable conditions in due time.

The TASUEDSU has also propose construction of a cover shed at the University Block for the benefit of TASUEDites.

The Students’ Union president concluded that, “subsequently, all information deemed necessary shall be communicated to the Congress”

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