No matter how far we go in life, how deep and lengthy our soujorn is, particularly when it focuses on making an attainment – there is always a moment to reflect and mesmerise on its essence.

The 400level students of Nigeria’s Premier University of Education proceeds on their final examination as students of the university, the Students’ Union feel so dutiful to extend wishes of the best to all.

It has never been an easy journey, a lot has transpired in the cause of meeting the university academic demands and other responsibilities. Making it through the final lap is not on a platter of ease – rather a result of hard work, core seriousness, devotion, resilience, contentment, patience, and absolute focus on the primary objective of been a student.

It shall be a success by enviable design matrix, graduating from the university after years of this commitment.

The Students’ Union shall the strongest believe that TASUEDITES who shall be graduating from the university will be models in all their chosen ways.

The leadership of the Students’ Union seriously urge and appeal to all who will be writing examinations to desert themselves from any act of malpractice and unruly behavior during and after the examinations. It has took everyone this far, an iota of carelessness at this prime hour should not deter the long and hard-earned efforts.

All 400level students should trust that the Students’ Union, authority of the university and all the university students prays for their success in the examination. We reiterate our best wishes and prayers for successful ending.

God bless our collective indomitable will.

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