Amuludun, Trod, Michelle, Adeleke, Skima, Oretuga are listed among Tasued to the World who are making us proud in the World.


This is TOYOSOLA AMULUDUN, popularly known as TALLEST and Mr OWL by most students. He is the Creative Lead of The OWL Campus Media and The Chief Executive Officer of The OWLs Networks Ltd. He is a Graduate of GEOGRAPHY and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT from COSMAS, TAI SOLARIN UNIVERSITY of EDUCATION.


During his days at TASUED, he has been in the line of people whose paramount goal is to create a better image for the institution. He spent 3 good years of his life been a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER. The PRO of GEOGRAPHY and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Department 2011/2012, COLLEGE of SOCIAL and MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 2012/2013 & TASUED STUDENTS UNION 2013/2014 (Advocate Regime).

Amuludun is not just a CEO, but a fully equipped Entrepreneur and he has built his life as a MEDIA ENTREPRENEUR. He is blessed with varieties of skills which makes him standout amongst his colleagues and even in the entrepreneur landscape. He is creative, knowledgeable, intelligent and wise.

He is a GRAPHIC DESIGNER, PHOTOGRAPHER, VIDEOGRAPHER, VIDEO EDITOR, WEB DEVELOPER, and SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. He doesn’t mind developing himself for any future endeavours to come as he is blessed with amazing potentials. He has been a role model to a lot of students all over Nigeria and has impacted a lot of lives and not relenting in his bid to impact lives.

Amuludun started The OWL CAMPUS MEDIA in 2014, with the aim of building young journalists and media personalities who can have better experience and opportunities after school and also be a platform where students are connected together while connecting them to information. He also has a platform named “TASUED FINEST”, this platforms basic idea is promoting the good image of TASUED, both the alumnus and undergraduates of TASUED.

The platform (THE OWL CAMPUS MEDIA) has taken him all over the length and breadth of the Country and it has given young entrepreneurs the knowledge and experience of been better in their businesses. The platform has helped transform lives. Mr TOYOSOLA AMULUDUN is an inestimable asset and export of TASUED.


This is MICHELLE OGUNNIYI, a graduate of ENGLISH & LITERARY STUDIES Department from COHUM, TASUED. She graduated last year (2018) and in the space of one year, she has authored two best-selling books. She is a creative, wise and intelligent author.

She is the convener of BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS of SCHOOL, an organization that is centred on helping undergraduates in TASUED to be VISION DRIVEN. She started it last year in her final year. She is such an amazing lady with ample creative abilities.

She has hosted 2 offline conferences and several online summits where several speakers were brought on board to inspire, enlighten and educate the students on a sustainable life outside school. She is really making unforgettable impacts.

She started this organization because she realized some students don’t have a foresight for the future and so far the feedback has been amazing. She is an inspirational speaker, writer, volunteer who is passionate about impact and influence in society.

She is indeed a proud product of TASUED.


This is ADELEKE DUROTOLUWA IWALESIN, popularly known as WOLI SOLUTION from ECONOMICS department, COSMAS, TASUED and OLADEJO BUKOLA ADEWALE, popularly known as KUNLE from COMPUTER SCIENCE department. They’re popularly referred to as WOLI SOLUTION & KUNLE on social media and they are carving a niche for their brand every day.

They are presently in 300 level and they are combining their education well with their comedic career. They started their comic career during their first semester of 200 Level and they have almost 30 funny episode SKITS online presently, most especially on Instagram. They had a presentation at EKO HOTEL CONFERENCE last YEAR and they are now strictly into MUSICAL DRAMA TV series of movies.

They shot their first movie “THE GLAMOUR” in the month of May, this year 2019 and they will hopefully release it by December. Their account on Instagram is @Wolisolution. They are gradually getting to the top as they believe the sky is just their starting point and by God’s grace, they will keep soaring high in their chosen career path. They are proud exports of TASUED to the World.


This is OLAONIPEKUN OLATUBOSUN a.k.a TROD (The Return of Da Grin). He was born on August 1st. He is a Christian (and Muslim too as claimed). He is from Ogun State, Nigeria. He is a Musician. His record label is MISSOFUNYIN ENTERTAINMENT. He was an undergraduate of SOCIAL STUDIES UNIT of SOCIOLOGICAL STUDIES Department, COSMAS, TASUED.

TROD is one the promising yet another local (Ibile) rapper in Nigeria music industry whose aim is to complete the unfinished late rapper legend, DAGRIN (his older brother’s) project. He is lyrically sick like his elder brother – late DAGRIN. He made it to the top 5 finalists at the Olamide’s “Who U Epp” Competition.

His nickname TROD Simply means – “The Return Of DaGrin”. His elder brother DA GRIN was a famous indigenous rap artiste. Born on 25 October 1987 in Ogun state and he died on April 22, 2010, in a fatal accident which he sustained several injuries. When he was alive, his prolific rap lyrics in the Yoruba language won the hearts of everyone as he carved a niche for himself.

Some of his tracks are: Mule, Won A Gba, Morenikeji, Wild Mind, Come Online, Lazy Nigerian Youth, Omo Mushin, etc. He once said: “I am here to continue what he (Da Grin) couldn’t finish and I’m not joking about it. My eyes are set on the throne and I wouldn’t rest till I wear the crown. He is also a proud product of TASUED.


These are two TASUEDITES that I really admire. They are making waves in the TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS SECTOR called PICKMEUP SERVICE of the NIGERIA ECONOMY now and I’m really proud of them. They are solving a great problem in the society.

ADEITAN ABIMBOLA is an alumnus of TASUED and a graduate of ACCOUNTING from the heartbeat of TASUED – COSMAS. He was the TASUED STUDENTS UNION CLERK in 2015/2016 SU Rehabilitation regime.

ORETUGA ADEWALE is also an alumnus of TASUED and a graduate of HEALTH EDUCATION from COSIT. He was the TASUED STUDENTS UNION WELFARE DIRECTOR also in 2015/2016 Rehabilitation regime.

These two men are gradually making waves with their company – PICKMEUP. They’re TECHPRENEURS (Technology Entrepreneurs). They will surely keep growing and they will make it to the top soon by God’s grace.

Compiled by: Okesola Tiwalade Oluwasegun Setiok

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