TasuedFinest has crowned its 2nd Face of TasuedFinest Queen and King winner after a very successful reign of Queen Omolola Ayeni who became the first face of the brand.

The Beauty Pageant allowed students in the the university to showcase the vibrant culture and unite the students from the various departments in the TADUED.

After along day of Glitz and Glamor, the evening wear portions began.

Each contestant slowly walked out to music and did their routine before stopping in the middle, each hat with questions in them.

Each contestant answered a question but some contestants caught stage fright mid-sentence.

However, the audience was supportive, yelling things like ”It’s okay! That’s okay! It’s okay honey! You got this!” to help and encourage the contestant to go on and keep trying.

After all the contestants answered their questions classic pageant style, the show moved onto the results of the pageant, the most anticipated part of the show.

Each contestant got awarded a multitude of Ambassador deal.

Face of TasuedFinest Beauty Pageant 2019 were announced.

Face of TasuedFinest (Female) – Temitope Azagba, English studies Department

Face of TasuedFinest (Male) – Busola Nwalaka, Economics Department

Face of TasuedFinest (Female) 1st runner-up – Abayomi Taiwo, Biology Department

Face of TasuedFinest (Male) 1st runner-up – Bukola Adedokun, Creative Art Department

Face of TasuedFinest (Female) 2nd runner-up – Blessing Adeniji, Napher SD Department

Face of TasuedFinest (Male) 2nd runner-up – as Samuel Kiogwue, History and Diplomatic Studies Department

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