This table will break, if TRADITON shenk me, Reliable SURZ speak out as prophecy of next TASUEDSU PRESIDENT hit ground.

Politics is a game of number that is the reason politicians are always calculating ahead of election.

TASUEDSU political arena haven’t forgotten the just concluded election in which One said that “TRADITION Members always carry Caucus for head and TASUEDites eyes don open”.

One of the TASUEDSU WhatsApp group was set on fire recently when the political gladiators prophetize that “Next TASUEDSU President is coming from COVTED”. Another said “Go and ask LAS how COVTED students most especially NABESAS voted for him during last election”

Someone said, “Mr Vision with action thought is only English students that will vote for him as President”. Another said, “COHUM will shenk him because they always have the lowest votes especially his department “.

All these controversies didn’t go down well with Reliable-SURZ who posted, “This table will break, if TRADITON shenk me, It’s my shenking not you sir.” And Someone, told him that, “don’t carry Caucus for head like RADO, if not for Big-Show”.

The immediate past TASUEDSU Transport Director (BIG-SHOW) also posted, “I will be watching you people… “

The controversy continues with different comments “Abeg add JIMCRUZ to this group”…

TASUEDites are anxious to know the Next TASUEDSU President…

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