It is 50 days now since the Students’ Union of the Tai Solar in University of Eduction conducted her 12th election into the Union body (the election which was held on the 15th of August, 2019) but up till now, the winners have not been sworn into that respective offices where they are to carry out their duties. The reason for this is yet to be known!

Looking back into past accounts, the swearing in of officers has not taken so long a period of time. Itr has always been that, either they are sworn in few weeks after the election or immediately the new session (which they are to work with) begins. But it has been a different turnout this year.

Why have they not been sworn in is the question that beclouds the minds of TASUEDITES. TASUEDITES seek to know her ‘voices at the top’, the middle men between the students and the school management’.

It quite saddens that those who should have been paraded as President, Vice president, General secretary, Director of Transport, Social among other posts still carry about the beautiful but almost fading flag of ‘Elect’.

These people should have begun their regime immediately the session started, but news on that ids yet to circulate. At least, a child is entitled to have a name after 7 days of birth – on the 8 day to be precise. On the other note, these ‘children’ haven been given their appropriate names.

Is it until the session runs out that they would be sworn in? Or, has it been forgotten that this semester is almost getting the middle?

TASUEDITES, please air your view on this.


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