2018 Trending Saga – The year 2018 is ending with only one hope in the mind of every student is when are we resuming? ASUU strike has left most student idle in their home.

A lot of drama has stormed the Tai Solarin University of Education in 2018 with has left a lot of memories and records in everyone’s mind. All actions have consequences either positive or negative the choice is yours.  2018 Trending Saga.

All these 2018 Trending Saga won’t have occurred if the parties involved exercise patience and tolerate each other differences ….

Here are the five sagas that rock TASUED in 2018:

1. First Parliamentary Session:

The TASUEDSU SPC first parliamentary session for this year 2018 ended boisterously due to the imposition of the Senate President (Ability) who appointed senators into the vacant seats in the house without following the TASUEDSU constitution.

The decision of the Senate president annoyed some senators and observers present and this led into an uproar.

However, the decision of Senate president was later reversed and a bye-election was conducted for the appointed senators.

2. Slap Allegations:

Politics isn’t a do or die affair… On that fateful day, the SPC decided to conduct a by-election for the TASUEDSU vice presidential aspirants based on laid down guidelines, suddenly some students barged into the proposed venue of the election in which led to the confrontation.

A student’s alleged another of using a charm to slapped him without a proof in which landed him in the school clinic the following day and the assumed victim’s friends locked up the union building and released writeups to declared the alleged student’s wanted.

The issue was taken up by the school management and it was resolved amicably…


3. Mr & Miss TASUED Beauty Pageant:

Drama in Tasued as SU President Disrupted Mr & Miss Tasued Beauty Pageant

One of the most interesting events organized on campus this year was the Mr & Miss TASUED Beauty Pageant and Social Awards.

Tasuedites were having fun of the show when the TASUEDSU president (Bamidele) and other CEC came in to suspend the event till further noticed, this action led to chaos.

The issued was later settled and the event was concluded along with TASUED carnival.

Photo: Mr and Miss Tasued Beauty Pageant 2018

4. 2018/2019 Post CEC Election:

After the TASUEDSU (CEC) election was declared inconclusive on the day the election was held.

Some days after, the ITEC declared a winner based on results available and this wasn’t accepted by the other presidential aspirant’s (Versatile) who led a peaceful protest (offline&online) on his acclaimed stolen mandate.

The SJC set up a court of the tribunal to settle the case.


5. Imaweje Transformer:

‘To whom much is given, much is expected”… The 2017/2018 TASUEDSU president (Bamidele) was falsely accused to have absconded with a sum of 100,000 given by a politician at the installation of the new transformer brought to Imaweje community then…

Bamidele later debunked accusation and narrated the true side of the story via his facebook timeline.

Trending Saga

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