In the celebration of the eight years Remembrance of Fashina Olatunji David (Humble-TeeJay) organize by the Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union (TASUEDSU); TASUEDFinest Team had an online interview session with one of the Humble TJ family, who’s the convener of Humble TJ Foundation:

Can We Meet You?

Thank you, I’m Fashina Olanrewaju Micheal, For the purpose of this Interview, I’m the immediate younger brother of the late Fashina Olatunji David, populary known as HumbleTeejay who lost his life in the 2012 scrapping Saga

Fashina Olanrewaju Micheal, Humble Teejay younger brother

TF: You’re welcome!
Now, it’s Eight years your dear brother, Fashina Olatunji David ‘Humble TJ (TASUED-HERO) lost his precious life for the existence of the premier university of education in Nigeria. What has being the family reaction to the death of promising Humble-TJ after 8years?

Hmm, Eight years is a very long time in a calendar year but for us as a family, it’s just like yesterday. He’s such a promising lad and no one can ever forget. No one!

TF: What can you say the Ogun state government or TASUED management have done to Humble TJ family after his painful exist?

It’s no more a news that I was awarded a Scholarship by the TASUED management (renewed each year based on performance )for 3 years during my undergraduate days.
We have had to live with the pain of his death after then.

TF: Aside the scholarship any other benefits from TASUED? And Is there nothing from the Ogun state government?

No benefits from TASUED management aside the scholarship.

From the state government, Some few weeks after his demise the family was compensated with with the sum of One million Naira

The yearly remembrance of Fashina Olatunji David (Humble- TJ) by TASUEDSU in conjunction with the school management is an idea of who

It was the idea of The then Students Union president Comrade Adeniyi Oluwafemi and his led team. More importantly, I am aware of the input of Former colleagues of HumbleTeejay and past Cadres.

What is your family view on the yearly remembrance of Humble TJ by TASUEDSU?

During the early years of the remembrance day ,The students union occasionally pays the family a courtesy visit and I always imagine the kind of Joy derived from such act by my parents. They cherished every moment spent by the union members .
Well that’s a thing of the past now!

Are you insinuating that the TASUEDSU doesn’t pay Courtesy visit to Fashina Olatunji David (Humble TJ) family any longer ?

New leadership, new vision. I believe the Recent Students Union has redefined it. I’m aware of visits to special homes and Orphanages. It’s a good call and I support such too, because that’s what He stood for. More reason, we launched a platform (Humble Teejay foundation) two years ago to promote his virtues even after death.

Aside the yearly remembrance by TASUEDSU, is there any other things/project in his memory?

Yes ,in a bid to sustain his legacy ,We launched a foundation named after his Nick, Humble Teejay foundation. This Foundation for the past two years has been committed to humanitarian services and Community development

TF: Humble TJ foundation?
Can you tell us one of the major achievement of this foundation ever since?

Thou, we have not had it all rosy due to paucity of funds and lack of sponsorship but in its first year we were able to organize a Mini Christmas party for needy children in Lagos state and also we were part of the sponsors of an annual wheelchair basketball competition in Lagos.

Anything you feel the TASUEDSU should ADD or REMOVE from the yearly REMEMBRANCE of Fashina Olatunji David (Humble TJ)?

It will be difficult to say ,but wherever our advise or experience is needed, the family will always be in the Gap.

Finally, any advise for the TASUEDSU and TASUEDITES at large?

I will urge TASUEDSU and TASUEDITES to uphold the tenets which the union and the institution was founded upon.
They should strive to become good ambassadors of the school.

TF. Thanks for you time, May the Soul of Fashina Olatunji David (Humble TeeJay) Continue to REST IN PEACE!

… Interviewer: Shodehinde Ganiu Bolaji Reporting for, TASUEDFinest Media Team.


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