Hi Baby by EmmaCares

Hi baby Lyrics
Hi Baby

Hi lady
you’re pretty
would you mind to tell me your secret

Hi lady
a minute
tell me what made you a beauty

you a diamond shining in starry light
girl you got most pretty smile
you got my mind worried all night
As the feel of fame hurt me hard

hi lady
am crazy
got lots of exams but you’re on my mind

hi lady
my baby
it seems you were created to crush my heart

Ave been to east, south and west
Its you i wanna always bring to my bed

Have been tasting this love is enough
Baby you can’t give me no more

Riding through the night in my cardilac car

I mean everything i give you is party lifestyle
I mean i just made you, i love your vibe
I think everytime, you wanna break my heart

I met a million Ladies
They played with my brain
But when you came into my life
You give me migraine

Oh na nananananaaa

Pls don’t play me mind games
And i promise you
Pls don’t play with my brain

Bridge: we can date
I’ll text you all night
as our passion burns
on crystals dine

we can’t fail
loving you all night
as our heart is singing lies

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