Making a change required taking a step, this was the motive of Okesola Tiwalade Oluwasegun SETIOK who took to social media to trend TASUED TO THE WORLD, to rebuild the image of the Tai Solarin University of Education on Social media Landscape.

Okesola Tiwalade is an alumnus of Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) and he’s currently undergoing National Youth Services Corps (NYSC).

He is a content-writer, author, editor, footballer, activist and many more. During his undergraduate days on campus, he was a Unionist, HOC/G.G and he was also the runner up in 2016/17 TASUEDSU Presidential election.

SETIOK is currently making the premier university of education in Nigeria #TASUED trending on social media with his publications tagged “TASUEDTOTHEWORLD“.

#TasuedToTheworld is a trend initiated by Okesola Tiwalade Oluwasegun with the motive of correcting the negative news around TASUEDites on social media, especially on instablog.

He started to redeem the images of TASUEDites on social media by publishing their success stories for people to see and know that they’re from his alma mater.

Since he started posting about successful TASUEDites that are doing exploit in their chosen profession, he has published over twenty (20) successful stories and still counting because he said: “I am researching tirelessly on numerous success stories of TASUEDites, to be posted online as soon as possible”.

The hashtag #TASUEDTOTHEWORLD is now trending on numerous platforms on social media.

Many people have begun to recognize TASUED products as a leading factor in all sector of the economy both within and outside country.

At the present moment, SETIOK facebook friends has reached five thousands (5,000) limit and many friends request are still pending. 

Many people have begun to showered accolades on him for his landmark and they’re sending him more details of successful Tasuedites around the globe for publication.

Okesola Tiwalade said, “I started TASUED TO THE WORLD as a Mini-Project but now it’s growing beyond my imagination that there are many successful TASUEDITES in every walk of life that we need to know and celebrate”

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