An online guru and a business expert Mr. Ishola Adebayo visited the 160hrs reality show housemates yesterday, in an interactive session with the 20 house members, he enlightened them on the need to leverage the online platform for the growth of their brand and business.

He began by taking the house members down memory lane on the life before the pandemic and the after effect. The house members who were into business alluded to this narrative, according to Mr. Shola, the need of internet cannot be underplayed in the course of business transactions.

He advised the house member on the need to have an online and physical presence for their business, getting a website, and the need to use a uniform name on all social media platforms.

At the end of the interactive session, the business guru answered all the questions asked by the house members, these range from the meaning of CAC, how to get registered, how to get a domain name for a website, etc.

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