The newly elected Senate President of Students’ House of Senate of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode, Senator Moredeyo Ifedayo Johnson has expressed his utmost gratitude to his colleagues for electing him as the 13th senate president of the Nigeria premiere university of education, in a press statement issued today, he also solicited support from the senator, the students and all relevant stakeholders for a successful administration. Tasued Senate President

The Press Statement is down below:


Yesterday, the general assembly of TASUEDITES decided and chose the next set of parliamentarians to lead and represent them in the Students’ House of Senate of the Students’ Union. Tasued Senate President

That process witnessed the hugest turnout of students for any parliamentary elections in the history of our Students’ Union. This, without doubt, shows the level of acceptability, trust, passionate interest, and confidence TASUEDITES have reposed in the 13th Council.

I am very humbled by the choice of my distinguished colleagues in the SHS to have elected me to lead them, as the Senate President of the 13th Students’ House of Senate.

I acknowledge this with the deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation to all senators and TASUEDITES in general. I also acknowledge it with utmost willingness and readiness to work and justify my inclusion as the office requires.

I congratulate other elected principal officers of the Senate. We are on board together to lead and midwife a Senate that will abide by all its duties and responsibilities. TASUEDITES look up to us.

The parliament shall be led with utmost compliance to the basic ethics and ethos of legislation of the 20th century.

I am confident in the intellectual strengths of individuals that have populated the 13th Council. I am also confident in their ability to join hands with me to legislate and ensure we deliver the yearnings and expectations of the students and visions of the Students’ Union.

I am ready to ensure there is synergy between the SHS, the Central Executive Council, and the Judicial Council (when constituted, and articulate plans for the betterment of the Students’ Union. This legislative arm will not be a subset of the CEC or any of the interested persons or groups of persons in our university. I shall lead a House that will uphold the dignity and sanctity of legislation.

The SHS shall be willing to receive memorandums and communications from the students on matters of concern and interest to their welfare and security. We shall debate matters of importance to all TASUEDITES and ensure we walk the talk at respective sectors of our university community. Without prejudice, the SHS shall keep all offices in the Students’ Union in check and responsible for their duties.

I want to urge all senators to ensure we abide by the orders and our duties as established in the Students’ Union constitution. We must always command respect and ensure we are treated as honourable men that we are. The Mace shall remain a symbol of order, respect, and authority, to which all members of the Union are subjected and responsible too.

Dear TASUEDITES, as we look forward to officially being inaugurated as your representatives and leaders, kindly be reminded that the task ahead of us necessarily requires your support and solidarity. Do put us on our toes with constructive criticism. We must not succumb to cynicism and mistrust. We must maintain faith while embracing reason and truth, not speculation and rumour.

Again, we can only attain this through transparency for our Union when we are united in the pursuit of truth, honesty, love, and reason.

It behoves on us to ensure we do not disappoint your expectations, and that our sacrificial efforts worth it.

I thank all TASUEDITES again. My family members, friends, partners, ideological colleagues, and associates.

Dear TASUEDITES, this is our Union! Thank you and God bless!

Dist. Sen. Moradeyo Ifedayo Johnson (JIMCRUZ)
13th President of the Senate
Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union.

Friday, May 28, 2021

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