Nigeria general 2019 Election saga raise jokes in TASUEDSU as some sitting Senators may not return says FG of TASUED.

Now I believe the Scripture that said, “The Power of Life and Dead lies in the Tongue.”

On the 25th of February, 2019, #TASUEDFINEST shared as story titled “”

Initially, TASUEDITES thought it was a mere joke but today it’s a reality. The incumbent Speaker of College of Social and Management Sciences Students Association (COSMASSA ) in person of Rt.Hon.Francis Gift Samuel (Fg’General) posted on his WhatsApp status then that “Some Senators in Students House of Senate (SHS) may lose their seat in 2019/2020 TASUEDSU election in which he listed:

Sen.Ifedayo Johnson from COHUM Constituency 2, Sen. Otitoju Daniel from COSMAS Constituency 2 Sen. Adebajo BAMIDELE Fidelis from COHUM Constituency 2.

He believes that if they don’t strategies towards the Students Union Election they may likely not return to the Senate house.

However, Sen.Ifedayo instantly replied him then ” You have EDU311 & EDU312 this morning and all you can think is how I won’t emerge Abi? Something that is a done deal already…! Only BAMIDELE may lose his reelection bid and that will be due to his CGPA LMAO….! Yes, the poor boy is on 2.76!😂 😂 😂!.”

Unfortunately, Sen.Bamidele kept mute then and today he’s out of the Students House of Senate and Francis(FG) Prophecy come to pass on him.

Furthermore, BAMIDELE failed to participate in the just concluded SHS election due to reason best known to him maybe JIMCRUZ was right regarding his low CGPA?

However, TASUEDITES are anxiously awaiting SOCIALITE_2020!

We’re in era of prophecy in TASUEDSU as 2020/2021 election is loading with many vision!

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