Team Emancipation – As the 11th leadership of Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union prepares to leave the stage for fresh administrators, it behoves on us to address the state of the Union, and to keep students faiths strong on matters that matter to our welfarism and concerns the student’s community.

The President of the Union, Sen. Olamide Adeboun uses this moment to reiterate and assure students populace and the general public that the Students’ Union under his leadership will not leave strenuous, tedious or undue deal for the upcoming administration to battle with. We disagree with a system of operation whereby outgoing leadership in any capacity mindfully try to make governance ungovernable for the coming leadership.

We are advocates of progress, development and redeeming the image of our Union irrespective of who governs its affairs in the students wing. Importantly, we believe all TASUEDITES are partners in progress and not retrogression, and that is what majorly concerns and paramount to us as students representatives. We will not play politics with students welfarism.

Very particularly, the 11th leadership of our Union has not and will not sign or give assent to any increment of any fee whatsoever. The Union also promise TASUEDITES that within the available space of which we have to use in office as your representatives, we will disallow effectiveness of any nonexistent or strange payment, just like we have always been dutiful at doing.

Serving as a flashback on one of what Team Emancipation achieved, the leadership pushed for decrease in payments of departmental levies for ease of TASUEDITES. We had felt, on requests of TASUEDITES, concern of the Union executives and observant members of our university community that it is sacrosanct to effect the reduction in the departmental levy for students WELFARISM, which we did.

For that reason and many other reasons, ever since, and till now, some aggrieved members of the university community and concerned bodies who shows they benefit from the initial status quo(at students disadvantage), and that were not satisfied with the fresh development shade the leadership of the Union and of course pushed to always find nothing good in what we do to serve TASUEDITES.

The leadership of the Union find peace and solace in constructive criticism. This we believe hold cogent aspect of effective representation. Criticism we believe keeps us on toes as students’ leaders and representatives and very sincerely, we have buildup successes on our cautious ways of addressing those criticism.

As such, the Union leadership will always disagree with anyone or group of people who so desire to cast aspersions on our persons for reasons best known to them. Team Emancipation sees everyone as friends in the journey of delivering a Union that we can all call ours. However, it is saddening that many other mundane things interest some people in that service, – but we will not be distracted with it.

Team Emancipation believes TASUEDITES are not forgetful of the fact that under our leadership, no payment increment is effective on TASUEDITES, even as widely rumoured by disbelievers of this current leadership. On numerous occasions, we demanded for reduction and slash of payments that were not justifiable and that we see as pure extortion on TASUEDITES.

Sen. Olamide Adeboun led leadership of the 11th Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union again assure TASUEDITES to keep faith with her leadership, be calm and trust that where we are, in TASUEDITES absence, we will not watch and agree to any increment of fee on TASUEDITES.

On a conclusive end, the 11th leadership of the Students’ Union will ensure we facilitate and position an honest, detail, thorough and easy handing over process to the upcoming 12th leadership of the Union. We shall provide a fair level ground for them to take the mantle of leadership where we shall be bowing out. Serving TASUEDITES should not be jettisoned for personal gains and reasons.

May God bless our collective indomitable will.

Olamide Adeboun
11th President of Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union.



    It is disheartening and rebarbating that our union is wallowing continuously in a state of perfidy.

    Countless times have structured words from the incumbent leadership being used in one way or the other to seek or acquire sympathy or in others words amass faith in them. But it is needful to point out that *it is not enough to sound convincing, as this is always how we end up being trapped, it becomes such when the sound is not just heard but the results are visible enough.*

    Tagging people in a seeming ambiguous but clear way as *aggrieved among other adjectives* because they have in one way or the other foresee your hidden agendas and quickly negating its manifestation among others who have no remedy again is nothing but a fallacious (error in reasoning) act which bothers on the argumentative strategy called *argumentum ad hominem — attacking the persons instead of focusing and addressing the subject matter*

    If constructive criticism is the only sign you can comprehend in order to do the needful and keep on your toes, then it will continue to alutarize, therefore, as you slowly feel the pains of being demurred of your selfish interest which is detrimental to Tasuedites development, enjoy the solace and peace for effective representation in such.

    Togetherness they say is strength, Tasuedites are eye opened now and will do their best not to give room for using service to humanity for personal gains or wills by any person(s), the end of that culture is now and has come to stay.


    *EAGLE-EYED PENS,✍🏼✍🏼*

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