The leadership of Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union led Sen Olamide Abeboun has expressed humble delight and laud the University Security Unit and Ogun State Police Command on the successful arrest of the criminal suspect usually causing unrest in the University community.

Followed by a successful trial and tip-off by well-meaning and cooperating members of the public, the security unit of the university in support to the police force successfully arrest the suspect in Ikorodu area of Ogun state.

The suspect (name withheld) has been responsible for the numerous and incessant rape and robbery cases in the students’ hostels, especially where female students are dominating.

Numbers of rape cases has been attributed to this person, after which he takes away money and other valuables meant for our peace living students.

The threat that the suspect and other security information poses made the union authority to gave a directive in October for students to leave for their respective homes and urged Teaching Practise Students to play safe, exercise caution and be very security conscious, that the students’ union widely broadcasted then.

It should also be noted that the TASUEDSU executives had a very important meeting with the University Security head then on the alarming security threat in the university community at the moment.

Ever since then, the union executives have been cooperating and following progress reports on the security update in our university.

The Union President further said they believed in University Security for their convincing intelligence operation unit, and of course, their capacity and capability to secure multiple members of the public.

Further, We equally have no doubt that the security unit will continue to put their best and exact needful strength to tackle any security threat that might come their way in and outside our university environment.

TASUED Student Union advice the general populace that security is everybody’s business that the student should also be further helpful and cooperating in putting peace to the community

TASUEDSU thank the management team of their effort to keep students safe, healthy and balance in pursuit for academic activities and learning.

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