The Student Union Executives of Tai Solarin University of Education, today reject the decision of the University Teaching Practice Board of levied another three weeks teaching practice extension on some students.

According to the board is because the students did not attend the Teaching Practice Orientation Programme held prior before the commencement of the exercise.

The Students’ Union understand that it is ideal for students to attend the Orientation exercise as organised by the Teaching Practice Board targeted at and with the aim of achieving a well coordinated exercise for perfect delivery of teaching-learning process in their respective schools of practice.

Students had a preliminary knowledge (as taught) on the basics and needful conduct, morally and professionally before been certified as a student to proceed on Teaching Practice. The Orientation Exercise is an additional feat to complement that lesson and aide students conduct in their respective schools of practice.

Teaching Practice is over and students have been supervised by respective supervisors. This exercise lasted for six(6) good months. Students who failed to deliver the subject matter as expected (probably as a result of not having proper orientation), maybe professionally or on moral conduct should be left in the hands of the distinguish supervisors to decide in all fairness, and another extension should not be a punishment.

In a public post signed by the president said The Students’ Union reject this, and thus state categorically that students should not proceed on the three weeks extension.

“We sees it as a pure injustice and unfairness. We urge the Board to be considerate and understanding.”

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